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The vine-growing area of Nemea is the largest area of production of PDO red wines in Greece. It begins at an altitude of 200 meters and reaches up to 850 meters. The wide range of altitude differentiates the ripening of the grapes and the potential alcoholic strength. The climate of the area is characterized as semi-arid to sub-humid with a mean annual temperature of 17°C and an average annual rainfall of 750 mm.

The zone includes 17 municipal districts as listed below in alphabetical order:

1 Aidonia
2 Ancient Kleones
3 Ancient Nemea
4 Asprokampos
5 Galatas
6 Daphne
7 Kastraki
8 Koutsi
9 Leontio
10 Bozika
11 Nemea
12 Petri
13 Titani
14 Psari
15 Gymno
16 Kefalari
17 Malandreni

The variety grown almost exclusively in the area of Nemea is Agiorgitiko, also known as "Black of Nemea" .