Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

Quality is a core value for our company. All personnel, from the senior management to front line employees, is committed to the continuous improvement of the product quality and services. With the support of the management, all employees are committed to this value, appreciating the importance of it. The aim is to provide optimal "Total Quality" as a cooperative with the following strategic sectors

  • Final Product Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Consumer Care
  • Product Innovation & Development

Customer- Consumer satisfaction is our main objective

In recent years the Coop invests time and resources in quality with the Management of Total Quality as a keystone. This has as a result the day by day improvement of its competitive position in the market. The Cooperative Winery of Nemea is certified for ISO & HACCP by the ELOT Standards ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008 & ELOT ISO 22000: 2005.



Manos Kotsonis  – Oenologist, Quality Assurance Manager

He was born and raised in Neapoli, Laconia. After completing the General High School, he completed his studies at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, studying as oenologist. As part of his practice, he worked in production at a winery in Santorini and Nemea. In 2005 he worked as an oenologist - production assistant at a winery in Mantineia. In the following year he became an oenologist - production manager at the company's wineries in Mantineia and Nemea until 2015. Then he moved to Santorini, where he worked for three years as an oenologist - responsible for quality control and production in one of the largest and most famous wineries of the area.

Since February 2018 he works at Cooperative Winery of Nemea as oenologist & quality assurance manager.