Our Values

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Our Values

  • Integrity
    We make decisions based on merit and transparency criteria. We always act in an ethical and legitimate manner towards the Public Services, our Customers, our Suppliers.

  • Respect for the environment
    We are environmentally and socially aware and do not act in ways that may harm the environment directly or indirectly.

  • Quality
    In order to be able to ensure the welfare of the company over time, we apply strictly the highest quality standards for the products, customer service, the production process and the human resources.

  • Customer Service
    The prompt and reliable customer service is an asset and a benchmark for all of the daily operations and processes of our company. The customers - consumers are the "wealth" of our company.

  • Profitability - Return to Shareholders
    One of the main objectives is to create maximum value for shareholders through increased sales, control operating costs, and improve profit margins.

  • The human factor
    We accept the diversity of our colleagues and partners and we work with respect for them. Our success relies on our people – the way they are chosen, the way they evolve, the way they are rewarded, and how well they work together, as members of an effective team.