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Frequently asked questions

How many times a year do you harvest?

Once. At Nemea the harvest begins in the first fortnight of September and it ends in early October, depending on the weather conditions during the growing season.

What wine grape varieties do you vinificate;

The Cooperative Winery uses exclusively the indigenous variety Agiorgitiko for the red and rosé wines, and Roditis and Savatiano for the white ones.

What are the sulfites?

Sulfites, or sulfur dioxide, are an organic compound which may be present in grapes and many other fruits and vegetables. The sulfur dioxide is added to wine as an antioxidant and antibacterial to prevent spoilage. The allowed levels of sulfur dioxide in wine are very low.

What does the year on the label mean?

It is the year the grapes were harvested, not the year the wine was bottled.

When the label says the wine has aromas of strawberry and sour cherry does that mean that you add fruit or synthetic aromas in it?

No. These are just terms used to describe the flavors and aromas of a wine that remind the person that tastes the wine of some familiar flavors.

What are the "tears" that are formed on the inner surface of a glass of wine?

There is a common belief that the "tears" are an indication of the amount of alcohol in a wine and of its quality, but it is not so simple. The level of cleanliness of the glass and the viscosity of the wine can also affect the amount of "tears" therefore they are not a foolproof indication of good quality or high alcohol content.

Is rosé wine made by blending red and white wine?

No. Rosé wine is made from red grapes. Red wine gets its color from the skins of red grape varieties by the maceration of the skins in the must during the alcoholic fermentation. This maceration last for many days in red winemaking. However, when we make a rosé wine, this maceration with the skins takes place for a few hours only, so the color obtained will be much lighter.

Does the Cooperative Winery sell the wines of all the wineries of Nemea?

No. The Cooperative Winery of Nemea is a growers' cooperative. We receive and vinificate the grapes of our members and sell the wine under our own trademark.

Does the wine have an expiration date?

No, because the wine does not get spoiled as other foods do and it is not dangerous for the health of the consumer. But after some time the packaging and the storage conditions are very important. By keeping the wine in a cool and shady place we can enjoy it for 6-9 months in the case of a «bag-in-box» and up to 3 months in the case of a PET bottle. In a glass bottle the wine can be preserved for 1-3 years or more depending on the wine.
These dates are "Best Before Dates".

Do you only have red wine?

The Nemea region is known for its red wine, which constitutes the biggest part of the production. The Cooperative Winery of Nemea also produces rosé wine from the variety Agiorgitiko and white wine from Roditis & Savatiano.

The older a wine gets the better?

No. White and rosé wines in glass bottle are better consumed within the first 1-2 years of their life. The red Agiorgitiko wine that is not aged in a barrel is "at its best" up to 2-3 years from bottling, while an aged one can be great even after 6-7 years.

What does the Cooperative Winery do for Quality?

The Cooperative Winery of Nemea is certified for ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005. We have invested in the management of "Total Quality". You can read the Quality Policy and Food Security and download the corresponding certificates from our website. The whole policy behind our values is covered in the quality section of the website.

It is easy to access the Winery coming from Athens?

We are only 120 kilometers from Athens. Follow the instructions given in the section "Visit us". It is quite fast and easy to access our winery. Total driving time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. We are open for purchases daily from 8 am until 3.45 pm (during the summer months from 8 am until 3.15 pm) and Saturday from 10 am.

What are the opening hours of the Winery?

We are open for purchases daily from 8 am until 3.45 pm (during the summer months from 8 am until 3.15 pm) and Saturday from 10 am.

Where can I find and buy your wines?

We work with many distributing companies all over Greece, and abroad as well. In order to find our business partners and the selling points closest to you, please contact our sales department.